Rabbit Fur shawl

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Shawl by sculptured Rex Rabbits fur in Grey color
Dimensions: 160cm/62,99″ x 45cm/17,71″
Twisted fur fringes 14cm/5,51″
2 side outer pockets
Fastening with 2 clips

– Keep your fur garment in a cold place away from moisture
– Avoid direct exposure to light for any color alterations
– Use the right products to avoid moth formation
– Do not squeeze the fur garment among other things so as for the pelt to “breathe”
– Cover the fur garment with a cotton cloth rather than a synthetic one
– We recommend having your fur garment dry-cleaned by a furrier or dry cleaner who specializes in cleaning fur

– All of our creations are handmade and tailor-made to the requirements of the customer – for creations upon special demand the price shall be altered
– As an after-sales service, we undertake the cleaning and maintenance of each fur garment upon request
– For the most perfect fit, please view our Size Guide
– Contact for any further inquiries OR fill in the form with the accurate dimensions

Rex Rabbits were originally bred for their furs. Rex fur has got a dark slate blue base with one-third white and lightly tipped with black and white – that makes it quite sparkling.

This fur is one of the most eco friendly fur types. Well known for its warmth but, also, is sought for their uniform look, low weight and the excellent texture. Also highly popular for its softness, which is caused by the sprouting of 60 hairs (on average) from each hair follicle. Ideal for small garments or the lining of larger ones, though some large pieces can be made entirely from the fur.

Chinchilla fur has been established as one of the most luxurious natural materials in the world. And, if mink is king and sable fur is the queen, then chinchilla is the princess of the fur fashion.

We carefully select all of the raw materials from the best pelts at major auctions both in North America and North Europe, especially from farms in countries of high coldness where animals have got a superior fur.

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