Lynx Fur Vest

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Hooded Vest by Lynx fur
Fastening with 3 clips + 1 button at the base of the hood
2 outer side pockets
Height: 90cm/35,43″
*Slightly waisted design
*There is a drawstring at the waist for fluctuation

– Keep your fur garment in a cold place away from moisture
– Avoid direct exposure to light for any color alterations
– Use the right products to avoid moth formation
– Do not squeeze the fur garment among other things so as for the pelt to “breathe”
– Cover the fur garment with a cotton cloth rather than a synthetic one
– We recommend having your fur garment dry-cleaned by a furrier or dry cleaner who specializes in cleaning fur

– All of our creations are handmade and tailor-made to the requirements of the customer – for creations upon special demand the price shall be altered
– As an after-sales service, we undertake the cleaning and maintenance of each fur garment upon request
– For the most perfect fit, please view our Size Guide
– Contact for any further inquiries OR fill in the form with the accurate dimensions

Lynx is a genus of short-tailed cat and is harvested in wildlife mainly in Canada, as such an animal is not bred in captivity for the fur trade. Lynx fur garments are extremely hard to produce, because only its belly part is used for its white colour while skins are assembled like a puzzle. This explains, together with the protected and limited hunting, why Lynx fur has been the most expensive fur for decades.

Lynx fur is durable and protects against the harshest weather as pile is not covered with hoarfrost. It is a very light fur – almost weightlessness – in comparison with other heavy furs. The specific fur is not dyed like the other furs as only a few species of this special animal exist and each has its own unique color. Lynx fur surpasses others in wear, second only to mink.

We carefully select all of the raw materials from the best pelts at major auctions both in North America and North Europe, especially from farms in countries of high coldness where animals have got a superior fur.

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